Sunday, October 30, 2011


Slacker. Yep, that's us. No excuses for having only TWO blog posts in 9 months. Was just reading an article one of our friends posted on Facebook - I think it was Tyler. Anyhow it made the request from it's readers to just stop telling everyone how busy you are. I liked it. No reason to make an excuse for something, either drop some of your commitments (b/c for most they are intentional/self imposed) or stop complaining that you didn't do x, y, z b/c "you've been busy". Everyone is busy.

And with that, here's what's been keeping this family "busy" (just like I'm sure your family is too but you've managed to keep up with your blog). :)

July: Brett & I left behind our girls to go on a South American adventure with two of our favorite couples. The trip was more "hiccup-filled" than any we've experienced in the past, which I guess just meant it was our time. But Peru was incredible, as was the special time we got with the Ware's and Kertson's. Here are a few pics:

Finally the long desired pic w/ a baby alpaca (in a hat - that was a must as far as Kimmy was concerned.)
After an Amazing Race-style adventure to try to get into Machu Picchu TWICE including riots, closed roads, negotiations w/ Peruvian governement - travel on planes, trains, automobiles - we made it!
Brett & I made it to meet up with the other travelers in the Amazon for a couple days
Cusco (jumping off point/town before heading to Machu Picchu)... and the place we ended up spending all but 5 nights of our trip

July 22nd we left for Peru on the 9 year anniversary date of our first date - we flew home on August 5th, our 5 year anniversary. August brought more fun in the Pacific Northwest with family & friends camping trips.

September brought a Schlameus family trip to Kauai (which resulted in Lillian playing hookie on her first day of school), and a big milestone we were very excited about - our little girl started WALKING!!

Lillian enjoying the age that you can still feel comfortable scouting out the fridge while wearing only a bikini.
Helicopter ride pic

3rd place in the costume contest (fell behind, last Hawaii trip we were in 2nd!)

First day of school:

Halloween is tomorrow, and even though we've already been to 3 parties w/ Lillian dressed up, I've been horrible about taking pics. 2 more parties to go, so I'll be sure to snag one.

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