Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy New Year!

So far I would not say I've been the best at updating the blog... been oh, maybe a month since the last one. It's likely that most folks will not be interested in hearing an update of our day-to-day lives since the last post, so instead I'll attempt a brief recap in the form of top 15 pics!

Spent the first Saturday in December doing the annual Schlameus tree cutting in Mill Creek, Washington. Scored this beauty for $3o bucks - and a little manual labor (Brett had three trees to chop this year - ours, Jan's & Brooke's!)

Here she is all dressed up!As most of you saw on the news or experienced first hand - Seattle got snow this year - and TONS of it! Last picture we took we measured in at 7 1/2 inches which is big time for Ballard. Definitely the most snow I've seen in Seattle during my 11 years here!
Big Blue among the flurries - first year for outdoor lights - where did the porche steps go?!
Christmas Eve was time for making homemade 'Nog, drip candles (Warren Family Tradition) & family time w/ Brett & Lucy. Jan was the perfect host for Christmas Day with the annual breakfast burritos made by the kids (that's us and Brooke), a delicious dinner with the "extended family" - the Martins & Gerbings, and even special apperances from ALL the Grandparents (Papa, Grammy & Grampy). This year was especially important to us to have the Schlameus family all together - check out all of those stocking!
New Years we were off to New York for time with my Dad, Brenna & Zeus (Lucy's brother - same litter!) Here's a pic of their home on Long Island. As you can see, the snow followed us to the Northeast!
As I look at our pictures from the last month I notice more pics of the pups than of people - can imagine how that effect will continue with real children (not just our furry one)! The reuniting of "brother & sister" was a lot of fun. Zeus was quite the host - and while Lucy threw a bit of a 'tude when we first arrived, her and Zeus became inseperable quite quickly!The icy weather left us a bit homebound while in NY - filled with gorgeous walks in Dad & Brenna's neighborhood...

And an embarrasing amount of Wii playing. Here's to a happy and healthy new year!