Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good toast Brett!

Brett did a great job with his speech at "Uncle" Bob's wedding last night. Bob was one of Jeff's best buddies and asked Brett to step in as best man since Jeff couldn't be there. The Schlameus' have shared a fence for 30 years so Brett pretty much grew up with "Uncle" Bob. Bob's backyard was transformed into a garden wedding venue and everything looked beautiful!
Bob & his bride WendySteve got a little chilly during dinner so shared another guest's afghan wrap!? Dinner time
Lots of dancing!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Look who caught the bouquet ;)

Another beautiful wedding at Seattle Golf Club! Lindsey Remington (long time family friend of Brooke & the entire Schlameus clan) got hitched last Saturday... and look who went home with the bouquet!
The bouquet gets tossed...Brooke's got it!
Jake's reaction (and me welcoming Jake to the family :) )

The happy couple :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

River Weekend!

Last weekend was the annual Schlameus trip to "the River". Each year we rent a cabin-ish house in Vantage and spend days on the Columbia River relaxing, soaking up the sun, catching up and water sports (for some :). I'm convinced that the beach at The River is one of Lucy's most favorite places in the world.Kelly drover over from Wenatchee to spend Saturday w/ us!I realize this pic is not crystal clear but we saw dozens of big horned sheep on our way to the Beach.Lucy about to get attacked by Cousin EllieLucy attempting to run up the hill after Riley!LOTS of digging and sandy snouts :) Jan & Nancy
Brooke, Ellie (all snuggled in a towel) and soaking Lucy

Friday, August 14, 2009

Houtrouw Wedding

Here's a few pics from our weekend in The Dalles, Orgeon (visiting Brett's high school buddies (Andy) Sharp, (Jason) Bustos & (Shaun) Siri on our way to Shannyn & Andrew Houtrouw's gorgeous wedding just outside of Hood River. Congratulations you two - what a gorgeous wedding and amazing reception!!

The Guys (Jake, Sharp, Brett, Shaun & Bustos) The Girls (Ali, Brooke & Meena)
Full Sail Brewery
The Wedding I Spy the Bride & Groom Post Wedding
The Ladies @ Dinner (Kimmy, Carisa, Meg, Ali, Kimmy & Brooke)
Kappa Delatas
Um, go Cougs - Martini Ice Luge
The Guys (Marcus, Jake, Brett & Ian)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

7 Year Itch!

Last weekend Brett surprised me (I LOVE surprises!) w/ a weekend on Orcas Island in the San Juans! Our private cottage overlooking the water was amazing - I was truly spoiled. The concentrated time together away from the house with all the things we always feel we "should be doing" was a treat. I feel so, so blessed to have become Brett's wife and a part of the Schlameus family three years ago (we've been an "item" for 7 years now), here's to many, many more!

Beer & Pretzels on the Ferry

Ran into Brett's high school friend Geoff Smith, his fiance Cassandra & the entire Burnside/Smith clan just before this pic!Mt. Baker shot a top Mt. ConstitutionThis little bunny ran under my feet while eating lunch at a cafe overlooking the water!Farmer's Market
A couple small deer roaming the beautiful grounds at Rosario
Sunset view from our private deck

Dinner the last night

College Friend Reunion Weekend!

While Brett was celebrating the 9th Annual Brew Fest trip down in Portland, (all of Brett's college buddies bring their significant others & kids to meet up in Portland every last weekend in July for the Portland Brewers festival), I headed down to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico with 11 of my nearest and dearest girlfriends from college to celebrate Shannyn's Bachelorette party!

Spending time with the girls away from the distractions of everyday life and just relaxing and celebrating, ok lots of celebrating, was an absolute blast and an adventure to remember.

p.s. sadly I took the camera for the weekend and therefore there are no pics to share of his weekend. :(

Photo from our private (and completely spontaneous) boat trip with our tour guid buddy Marco... somehow a group of 12 American ladies traveling together seems to get some attention and special treatment. :)

Same scene in evening from our "Adult Beverage Cruise"... oddly named the "Jungle Raggae Cruise", which seemed odd for Mexico, but yes - a lot of fun!We are on a boat!
A view from the deck of our condo:

Dinner at "The Office" on the beach, the night of Shannyn's Bachelorette Party

Me & Brooke
Half of the group gearing up for dinner at the resort