Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A few snapshots of Weeks 2 & 3

These first few weeks of Lillian's life have been a whirlwind! The days when our sweet Lily is just that - calm, sweet, playful and alert at times and sleepy and cuddly at others... easy going no matter where we are (as long as she is not hungry) :) have FLOWN by. However, evenings around 8p - midnight (we'll use the Snodgrass' term here..) is "unhappy hour(s)", these hours do not quite "fly by". :)

It's all SO worth it. As, like my dad said: with children, while the tough times are trickier/more challenging than you could prepare for, the good times are more incredible than you could ever, EVER imagine.

Thanks to all of you for all of your visits, the meals, cards, gifts and support you have shown Brett, myself, Lillian (and even Lucy!) over these past few weeks!

Here are some pics of Lillian since the last post:

*Snooze-ville in her one-piece sleeper from "Aunt" Steph. This will be her last pic in a newborn one-piecer as her arms, legs and feet have outgrown these puppies and as cute as it is -putting her in clothes where she has a 3/4 length shirt and can't extend her legs is just sad could border on abuse :)
*Lillian making "Mom's" favorite face - the scrunched forehead and silly face
First trip with the BOB - since the start of week 2 we've been getting daily use out of this amazing stroller!
*Swaddled and sleepy
*Dad got everything ready for first bath since hospital!

Lily loves her rice blanket you can zap in the microwave to help warm her after baths - thanks neighbor Anne!
Lillian's first trip to a bar at less than 2 weeks old! (Elysian Brewery at Green Lake w/ the Snodgrass Family - including baby Eliana born 2/20)
Uncle Brian came in for the weekend to meet his niece - great visit filled with walks, brunch out at HiLife, brews w/ the pups at dog friendly Ballard bar "Kiss Cafe", etc. Lillian was in LOVE. Brian proved his recent experience with the little ladies and was a pro. Every time Lily was in his arms she was immediately snuggly and a happy little peanut!
Brian's wife Anna & their daughter Bridget were unable to make the trip b/c Anna is expecting our nephew in just a few weeks so we did a Skype video chat w/ the East Coast ladies. Bridget melted everyone's hearts as we showed her our baby and she says, "Oh hi, that's Lillian!"... she is just under two and a half years old.
When afternoon's roll around Lillian likes to be held close - this is tricky for getting anything done around the house so I plop her in the Ergo and get to house cleaning, laundry, etc. - win, win, win :)
While the Ergo works in the afternoon, swing usually works for supper time :) We are learning the ropes as we go, though the "tricks" seems to change just when we think we have it down. :)
My first libation since last summer - shared w/ Aunt Brooke!