Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Holiday postcards are being sent this week, and on each is the url for our blog... so just in case anyone actually decided to check it out, here it is! I've included a few additional photos from our family shoot (as well as a link to the full deal here: Scroll down for pics from the last year, should be quick as I think the 3 preceding posts are the only ones we actually managed to post pertaining to 2011. Cheers!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Slacker. Yep, that's us. No excuses for having only TWO blog posts in 9 months. Was just reading an article one of our friends posted on Facebook - I think it was Tyler. Anyhow it made the request from it's readers to just stop telling everyone how busy you are. I liked it. No reason to make an excuse for something, either drop some of your commitments (b/c for most they are intentional/self imposed) or stop complaining that you didn't do x, y, z b/c "you've been busy". Everyone is busy.

And with that, here's what's been keeping this family "busy" (just like I'm sure your family is too but you've managed to keep up with your blog). :)

July: Brett & I left behind our girls to go on a South American adventure with two of our favorite couples. The trip was more "hiccup-filled" than any we've experienced in the past, which I guess just meant it was our time. But Peru was incredible, as was the special time we got with the Ware's and Kertson's. Here are a few pics:

Finally the long desired pic w/ a baby alpaca (in a hat - that was a must as far as Kimmy was concerned.)
After an Amazing Race-style adventure to try to get into Machu Picchu TWICE including riots, closed roads, negotiations w/ Peruvian governement - travel on planes, trains, automobiles - we made it!
Brett & I made it to meet up with the other travelers in the Amazon for a couple days
Cusco (jumping off point/town before heading to Machu Picchu)... and the place we ended up spending all but 5 nights of our trip

July 22nd we left for Peru on the 9 year anniversary date of our first date - we flew home on August 5th, our 5 year anniversary. August brought more fun in the Pacific Northwest with family & friends camping trips.

September brought a Schlameus family trip to Kauai (which resulted in Lillian playing hookie on her first day of school), and a big milestone we were very excited about - our little girl started WALKING!!

Lillian enjoying the age that you can still feel comfortable scouting out the fridge while wearing only a bikini.
Helicopter ride pic

3rd place in the costume contest (fell behind, last Hawaii trip we were in 2nd!)

First day of school:

Halloween is tomorrow, and even though we've already been to 3 parties w/ Lillian dressed up, I've been horrible about taking pics. 2 more parties to go, so I'll be sure to snag one.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Where did the last half of a year go??

(pic taken yesterday at Magnolia Pool)

Just dusted off the blog and thought I'd send a post out to catch up with what we've been up to since January and hopefully aim to update it more frequently especially with those interested in following our upcoming travels!

In an effort to avoid a 10 page blog entry I'll do my best to keep it short and let the photos do (most) of the talking...

February: Bye Bye Blue
We sold Big Blue (our first home we owned together) in search of a home with a better layout for kiddos (who knew bedrooms off the dining room would be an issue?? - these things did not come to the our minds as home purchasers in our mid 20's)

March: Boomerang
Jan was nice enough to once again open the deluxe hostel for not only her son, but wife, grandchild and grandpup - Thank you JAN for letting us live with you while we found our scouted a new home!

April: #1
Lillian turned 1 on 4/25 and we learned what it's like to say so long to a baby and hello to our little toddler. She's fast on all fours and talking up a storm, keeping us on our toes with her little firecracker of a personality!

May: May Day!
Wonderful visit with family in Philly for Mother's Day... the same week we closed on our new home 6 blocks from our old house

Pham in Philly:

At the new house:

June: Attended Brett's 10 Year College Reunion at University of Puget Sound and ran my third 1/2 Marathon

July: While Lillian gets her first taste of how much more fun life is if only she could always be living with grandparents, Brett & I are heading to Peru with SIL Brooke, BIL Jake and dear friends Kimmy & Brad... more updates to come!

Misc Summer Pics:

Monday, January 31, 2011

Trip Down South!

A few weeks ago Brett, Lillian, Jan & I took a trip down south. Here are some pics from the trip!

View from my mom & Kermit's "camp" (or as we call it in the PNW, their "cabin") in southern Arkansas on Champagnolle Creek. The Camp is about half hour from their home in El Dorado, and the perfect getaway. Was really cool to show Jan where my mom lives. Looking forward to many years of fun times at the camp to come for Lillian. A big thanks to Mom & Kermit for being the perfect hosts.

View from the hot tub on Mom's "Bus House"
My mom (seasoned mom/grandma and Dr. of physical therapy) had the awesome idea of using an Ace bandage to strap Lillian in to everything from her porch chair to Kermit's old high chair
Brett & Lady (one of the sweetest pups, so well mannered, I think by the end of the trip everyone including Jan offered to take her off Mom & Kermit's hands and bring her home w/ them!)
Lillian w/ her new friend, Kermit's buddy Jaheim

View from the deck of Kermit's Camp House
Lillian's first BB gun from Papa K (to be kept at the camp for the lady grandbabies, Bridget & Lillian!)... note her first pink camo top from Papa K as well. All necessary accessories to fit right in down in Arkansas. :) (Note: gun was not loaded and she was closely supervised, please do not call CPS as this is very normal in these parts ;) )
Street view of the camp, all the homes on this dirt road are on stilts
My mom's bus house as made the local news, all decked out in 70's theme, this cabin is built around an old school bus that has been turned into a party room
The Camp House
Lillian first ride on one of Papa K's THIRTEEN tractors
Jan took one for a ride
After many videos, Lillian made an in person debut in my mom's classroom where she heads up the Physical Therapy Assistants program at South Arkansas College. Was really fun watching Mimi in action. Despite the fact that I cut Lillian's finger on my pop can on the way into the building (first blood injury broke my heart, and totally my fault!) she was a trooper.

After a few days in Arkansas we started our road trip. First stop Natchez, Mississippi. We rolled in on a very foggy day on "THE" river.
Always fun to go with first timers through a drive-thru liquor store. Just as I remembered it, they only carded myself, the driver, who ordered 3 blended drinks and beer to go... and said it was all legal as long as they didn't insert the straw in the drinks for us as "that would be encouraging drinking and driving". Got to love the south.
A stop at the most famous plantation in Louisiana, Oak Alley, was a must. Mint Juleps in hand we got the grand tour of the building and grounds.
Alas we arrive in New Orleans at our hotel, The Royal Sonesta, right on Bourbon Street.

Beignets, a breakfast MUST at Cafe du Monde
Our hotel
Ready to board the street car for our self guided tour of the Garden District
Above ground cemetery

Jackson Square
A sobering drive through the 9th ward reminded us of the damage still left behind from Katrina
The last couple days we headed to the north shore of Lake Ponchatrain to visit my old stomping grounds, meet up with an old friend and attend Amy & Tad's wedding

Lunch at Abita Brewery with dear friend Jackie, SO much fun catching up!
The beautiful bride (SO great to see her!) & Tad's first dance