Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Denver Trip

The celebration of Aunt Kathie's big 6-0 was the perfect excuse for a trip back to Denver last weekend to visit the Warren Family and of course Alyson (Savageau) Ellena.

As usual, things fell right back into place with Aly, my dear friend of 20+ years. Brett & I enjoyed seeing the gorgeous home that Dave remodeled for Aly & Dave up in Keystone and were able to get out on Blue River for a Friday river raft trip through the Rockies. Was so much fun sharing lots of laughs, reminiscing, good talks, and wishing it wasn't so far in between our visits.

Friday evening we got some special BRIDGET time! Our niece of just a year and a half is beyond words. She is already running around, dancing, talking up a storm and stealing the show wherever she goes. Brian and Anna are doing an amazing job raising that little one. Missing her already!!

Aunt Ali & Bridget being silly...
Aunt Kathie & Cousin Elizabeth
Brett & Ali @ the B-Day BBQ
Grandpa Jim & Bridget
Dad & daughter during some post dinner reading
Anna holding Bridget during brush time Bridget LOVES her swing!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Owhi Camping Trip

Last weekend we were able to squeeze in a quick two night camping trip with Brooke & Jake at the Owhi Campground on Cooper Lake just north of Cle Elum. (Thanks for the great recco Nate & Erin!) Weekend was tons of fun all the standard camping "musts"...big hike (8 miler up to Pete Lake), Warren Stew, smores, brews & card games around the fire, and even some fishing in the Lake (for Jake).

Brooke & Jake scoping out a camp site:

Cooper Lake:All set up!
Trail Head:
Pete Lake/Hike Summit:

Happy Hour Begins...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tahoe for the 4th!

What an wonderful weekend… met up with the fam (my mom, step-dad Kermit, step-brother Travis and his wife Kendra) in North Lake Tahoe for the 4th! Rented a great 4 bedroom cabin within walking distance from the lake, spent days on the water (sailing the lake, rafting the river, etc.) and evenings on the deck enjoying whatever Travis was grilling up to eat, Brett was mixing up to drink and late nights spent enjoying hot tub dips and several games of Apples to Apples (that’s right Kermit and I reign as champions). Oh and, maybe, just maybe, a little trip across the border for an appearance at the casinos. :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rock 'n' Roll!

14 weeks ago, after a little persuasion from SIL, I decided to sign up for the Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Half Marathon. What made me think this was a good idea when I literally could barely run a single mile (not to mention that 1.0 mile trek would take upwards of 12 minutes to complete...) I'm not sure... but each run I added a tenth of a mile here, a quarter of a mile there and after all was said and done I managed to complete the 13.1 mile race from Tukwila to Seattle in just under 2:08! While I'm no where near breaking any records or impressing the real runners out there it's a personal best, pretty rewarding, and weird to say I think I might actually enjoy jogging now?! Happy Running! weird!

Me, Brooke, Melanie & Dom (a couple of my fellow Music Amazonians... Dom is pretending the race kicked his butt, however Dom can run a 6 minute mile, so we needn't worry.)
25,000 runners - SOLD OUT!

Brooke (it was her 4th Halfer!!) & Ali
Start Time: 0:31:20, End Time: Sometime before 2:39:53 (luckily Brett was able to put down Lucy and get the camera out for this pic shortly after I crossed the finish line... as sadly my time chip didn't register :( ) ...p.s. for the fam, that big black building in the background (tallest this side of the Mississippi, is where I work!)