Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lots o' Pics

For as bad as we have been on blog posts this past month, we've made up for it in our vast amount of pictures we've been taking - here are some from our adventures from weeks 4-7 of Lillian Brooke's life!

Play date with Eliana & Will (these two are bf/gf if you can't tell from the holding of hands)...

Lucy comes to check on Sister each a.m. when she wakes. If I am too slow in jumping out of bed to rescue Lily, Lucy let's me know with one brief yelp followed by a few cries... Lucy is very proud of herself when Lillian is saved from her crib, all thanks to her notification process.
We do not put her to bed like this, but she likes to scoot her boot and will be in all sorts of positions when we find her in the morning!
How much longer will the swaddle last with this strong squirmer??
Lillian is always raising her hand to ask questions. Very polite.

Mimi came for a wonderful visit just after Mother's Day - very special time w/ the 3 generations of ladies! (I think my mom's laugh and Lily's scrunched face was due to a Lily "toot" sneaking out in the photo. :) )
The week before Memorial Day (for Lillian's one month bday) we headed to Yakima for Brett & Todd's golf tourney... the ladies stuck to wine tasting. Kell & Todd were amazing w/ Lily and made the trip easy and so stress free!

No changing table at a winery so they recco'd I just use the cases in the back - thank you God for answering my quick prayer for no blow-outs all over the changing area this time. :)
First sunny weekend in Seattle lent to a big walk and family picnic at the Ballard Locks followed by an unplanned brew stop at one of our fav bars on the walk home.

Stephanie's 30th birthday gave a good excuse to have the grandparents over to babysit (thank you Dad & Brenna!) and our first night out on the town together
Happy Hour with the Ballard Ladies - this is one of Lillian's best buddies - Emery Olsen & her mom Sarah
Lillian loving time w/ "Aunt" Shanny & "Aunt" Jen
And the BIGGEST news of all - our nephew James Baden Warren was born on 05.28.10! To no surprise, Anna & Brian did an amazing job with their second child... he's a cutie - and the extra cuteness of his older sister Bridget snuggling up is almost too much to handle. Cheers to the cousins and much love to our Philadelphia family!

Lillian's first big social event: Shaun & Heather's Engagement Party in Gig Harbor
Milk Coma - Passed out at the party
First Water Fight: While "Grandma" Laurie was loving on Lily this cute little boy couldn't resist flirting w/ Lily
Lily loving her activity mat - she is learning she can kick the beams and music will start up. Great gift, thanks Susan & Steph!
Lucy & Twin Brother Zeus's 3rd Bday Party - that's 21 in Doggie Years (notice Lucy's already after the wine!)

"Uncle" Steve w/ Lily at Aunt Brooke's first Bridal Shower - she was loving Uncle Steve as he understood her love for dancing - the bouncier the better for this little bundle!