Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Pumpkins, Oh My!

Lillian's 1st Halloween was a total success - see below for pics of the several events that filled last week!

TWO cards came for Lily - one from her friend Eva in Chicago and one from her "Aunt" Kat!
Trick or TREAT (avocado was her treat of choice... she enjoyed it with a little cumin on top as we explore her Mexican heritage ;) )

Pumpkin Farm time! Weather was awful, but we figured better late (and wet) than never...

"Just hanging and waiting for my friends from PEPS (Mom's Group). Roar."
7 of the 9 kiddos in attendance at the PEPS Halloween gathering Lily & I hosted
Notice the moms working hard for the babies attention :)

Hosted a Halloween morning brunch with a few friends from Brett's college and their kids

Monica meets Lillian
The Redmans (Will is just 7 months older than Lily and lives in the neighborhood)
The Snodgrass Family

Our families and the Newmans came over to join us to walk down to the Ballard Halloween festivities on Sunday afternoon before the traditional Pumpkin Soup, candy for trick-or-treaters and Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin viewing w/ Brooke & Jan - all in all the perfect Halloween!!