Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lily's First Camping Trip

This weekend we looked high and low in search of a camp site that wouldn't be completely soaked for Lillian's first camping trip... Potholes was the winner. "Potholes" is located east of the mountains (always a safer bet for dry weather) about 3 hours from our home in Seattle. These bodies of water were initially carved out by glacial flood waters and now, due to the Columbia River Basin Project which raised the water levels high enough to create beautiful lakes, this area is quite popular for fishing. In our short camping trip we didn't make it out on the water or do any fishing, but we did do what we came for... hike (ok a walk) w/ Lily, campfire, Warren Stew, smores and testing tent life w/ a baby. All in all a total success. Lily slept like a champ - 12 hours straight?! Am thinking she liked the real deal nature sounds vs. her usual mp3 version we play at home. :) And mom and dad got some great date time away from home.

Brett got the new tent all set up (was time to upgrade to a 6 person "Family Size" rig)
Pothole Reservoir

Sleepy Girl ready for bed
Lily asleep, time for adult beverages and mom & dad party time

Well rested Lillian
Made it home in one piece (after we got hit w/ a pretty big rainstorm in the middle of the night - luckily it came late and didn't impact our evening one bit!)

Lily & Lucy play time after post-camping bath

And a couple I couldn't help but include from the past week even though they have nothing to do w/ the camping trip
Lillian never gets to watch TV - so look how mesmerized she is for her first viewing... the Coug Game (of course) :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Semester is Now in Session

Lillian's first day of "Fall Semester" started today with Swim Class... next on deck: ASL Signing & Spanish and Dance & Development!Lily & Eliana liked floating on their backs in the hot tub vs. sitting like the other kids
Eliana (Lillian's "school" mate for Fall Semester) & her mom Erin, Lily & me
Let's get swimmin'!
Lily's first plunge off the high dive to mom ;)
Grandma Jan snaps a pic while class gets started
Backstroke time