Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Off the Charts!

Just walked in the door from our 4 month check in at Ballard Pediatric and it’s no surprise Lillian is off the charts! Our “little” one is as tall your average 7 month old (26 ½ inches) and weighs as much as an average 6 month old (16 lbs. 3 oz.)! We are proud to report she’s eating (obviously) like a champ, rolling over, laughing, and playing more than ever – her eye hand coordination has already exceeded the abilities of her mother but her social skills and fun factor are right on par. ;)

Here are some pics to share some of the things we have been up to over these past 6 weeks (bad, I know) since our last post:

Teething? Maybe - she's drooling like crazy and can't keep fingers, toys, etc. out of her mouth!

Lily has become so much more interactive w/ enjoying toys and sitting up

Lounge time w/ Dad
Big Girl Bath - loving splashing in the tub
Brett's little sister Brooke got married to the fabulous Jake Ware on 8/21/10 - we were so honored to be part of the event w/ myself as MOH & Brett walking Brooke down the aisle.
Thanks to Grandpa Jim & Bubie for some babysitting at the reception - Lillian was one tired babe at the end of the night!
Out on the dance floor w/ Auntie Brooke (Lily's namekesake, godmother, etc., etc. :) )

I can hold this myself Dad
Meeting new friends - all the little girls seemed to love playing w/ Lillian on our trip to Portland for the annual Brew Fest activities...

Where did baby go?
Each year Brett's friends from college meet up (wives & kiddos included) down in Portland for the Annual Brewers Festival & Family BBQ
Story Time!
Grandma has been a huge help with Lily-sitting
Great Grampy and Grammy were able to come visit for the summer
Hike to Twin Falls w/ our "girls" on our 4 year anniversary
Kristin & Marcus' Reception
Mimi in town for a whole week of Seattle + Leavenworth visit - HUGE help with Lillian with all the wedding festivities - thanks MOM!
Rehearsal Dinner
Pool time at Jan's... this suit is a 2T?!

Play time w/ sister

Which one is not like the others?? Someone got a little creeped out when laid down w/ all the kids at PEPS (Mom's Group)! :)