Tuesday, August 18, 2009

River Weekend!

Last weekend was the annual Schlameus trip to "the River". Each year we rent a cabin-ish house in Vantage and spend days on the Columbia River relaxing, soaking up the sun, catching up and water sports (for some :). I'm convinced that the beach at The River is one of Lucy's most favorite places in the world.Kelly drover over from Wenatchee to spend Saturday w/ us!I realize this pic is not crystal clear but we saw dozens of big horned sheep on our way to the Beach.Lucy about to get attacked by Cousin EllieLucy attempting to run up the hill after Riley!LOTS of digging and sandy snouts :) Jan & Nancy
Brooke, Ellie (all snuggled in a towel) and soaking Lucy

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Jeremy, Julie, Eva and Kate said...

These are such great shots!! Love to see that Lucy LOVES this trip:)