Friday, August 14, 2009

Houtrouw Wedding

Here's a few pics from our weekend in The Dalles, Orgeon (visiting Brett's high school buddies (Andy) Sharp, (Jason) Bustos & (Shaun) Siri on our way to Shannyn & Andrew Houtrouw's gorgeous wedding just outside of Hood River. Congratulations you two - what a gorgeous wedding and amazing reception!!

The Guys (Jake, Sharp, Brett, Shaun & Bustos) The Girls (Ali, Brooke & Meena)
Full Sail Brewery
The Wedding I Spy the Bride & Groom Post Wedding
The Ladies @ Dinner (Kimmy, Carisa, Meg, Ali, Kimmy & Brooke)
Kappa Delatas
Um, go Cougs - Martini Ice Luge
The Guys (Marcus, Jake, Brett & Ian)

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The Hunter Family said...

did you really take that pic of the ice luge to capture luge (there's something else that first caught my eye ;)