Thursday, August 6, 2009

7 Year Itch!

Last weekend Brett surprised me (I LOVE surprises!) w/ a weekend on Orcas Island in the San Juans! Our private cottage overlooking the water was amazing - I was truly spoiled. The concentrated time together away from the house with all the things we always feel we "should be doing" was a treat. I feel so, so blessed to have become Brett's wife and a part of the Schlameus family three years ago (we've been an "item" for 7 years now), here's to many, many more!

Beer & Pretzels on the Ferry

Ran into Brett's high school friend Geoff Smith, his fiance Cassandra & the entire Burnside/Smith clan just before this pic!Mt. Baker shot a top Mt. ConstitutionThis little bunny ran under my feet while eating lunch at a cafe overlooking the water!Farmer's Market
A couple small deer roaming the beautiful grounds at Rosario
Sunset view from our private deck

Dinner the last night


Ryan and Jesse said...

How beautiful and romantic! Happy Anniversary!!!

Jeremy, Julie, Eva and Kate said...

Happy are an amazing pair")

Erin Dahlgren said...

How fun! Just curious...where did you stay on Orcas? Nate and I are thinking of going there for our 2nd anniversary =) Happy 3 years to you!