Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good Weekend Back in Seattle!

Great weekend filled with puppy sitting little Colie while Brad & Kimmy were off in Boston for a long weekend, Lucy's annual vet appointment (healthy as can be and has gained a pound of muscle since her visit early this year), a matinee to see the Informant with Grammy & Grampy, and a special highlight to share breakfast at the Freise's home with Brett's good friends & their kiddos.

Of course the little ones were the stars of the show... here's one of Greg with his daughter Ella & Jeremy & Julie's daughter Eva. Greg was the fun one throwing the girls up in the air and building block towers they got to kick down. Loved watched the girls play hide and seek... neither could wait to be found but instead called out "I'm here, I'm here!!" the second the "seeker" finished counting!

Quinn, Greg & Emily's youngest, was the best cuddler and SO much fun to holdHenry "Hank", is Judson & Emily's son and ALL smilesThe two were born just days apart!

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