Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year, and a Quick Look at Lillian's 1st Christmas

This year's Christmas celebrations started as they do every year... with the annual "National Lampoon Christmas Vacation" viewing at the Martin's. (Costume required - directions: dress up like a character from the movie.)Brett & I took home the first annual AWARD for BEST COSTUME. Brett as Uncle Lewis, myself as Aunt Bethany, Lillian as Mary (pool scene) and Lucy, well since Jake was Snots, she was just, well, Lucy.
Our small family Christmas "Eve" was spent at home keeping up the Warren Family tradition by burning the first candle of a lifetime's by lighting Lillian's first Drip Candle. (A candle to be burned each year on Christmas Eve.) The entire family enjoyed a nice meatloaf dinner (except Lucy who is on a diet), nog by the tree, the opening of 1 gift and a Christmas movie just the parents after Lillian was snug in her bed w/ sugar plums dancing in her head.

Real Christmas Eve was spent with a beautiful dinner and slumber party at Jan's

You can easily guess who was star of the show this year

Gift from Mom to go w/ Dad's new bike attachment
How many toys can I fit in my mouth, I mean hands?

Ample play time w/ Aunt Brooke

...and Uncle Jake

...and to finish off a great holiday...Christmas Day Dinner of delicious Crawfish Bisque hosted at the Warren's
We send lots of love to those family members we missed this year that were not in Seattle and look forward to many holiday celebrations together in years to come!


Ryan and Jesse said...

inIt looks like you made Lily's 1st Christmas a special one!! We hope that we can see you all and meet Lily in person in 2011!!

Erin Dahlgren said...

Love the Christmas Vacation outfits - so sinkin' cute. And, love Lily's Christmas attire. what a doll!!

Amy said...

Wow! You and your family are GORGEOUS!!!