Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Had a great visit this past weekend with my paternal grandmother in town (Nonna) and my dad's sister Aunt Kathie. Our initial plan was to have Lillian's first food experience on display for the whole family on Saturday evening, however, after some poor planning on my part and running into the "later" evening we were dealing with a baby looking at us saying, "the food still isn't ready and now I'm not only hungry but tired." Food was postponed to Sunday with just myself, Brett, Lily, Lucy and Becky. Butternut Squash was on the menu (had leftovers from the soup I made the night before) and Lillian clearly loved it (see pics below)... plain, with garlic, with curry - anyway she could get it she was a huge fan.
4 generations
Not so sure about this...
Lily gives her "snort" of approval

Lucy is LOVING the licks of food. This has us mildly concerned as many of you know Lucy was deemed "overweight" at the vet a couple weeks ago, so these food droppings from Lillian are not going to help w/ fat camp. :)
"I'll take it from here"

All this eating is hard work - all showered up and ready for to snuggle in with a good book and a nap!

Viewer Discretion Advised... (many of you requested a pic of this so here it is)... the aftermath :)

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