Thursday, July 22, 2010

Everyone keeps asking who she looks like...

...I'd say Brett in this pic:
She's sitting on her own... well almostPool party at Grandma Jan's w/ baby Emery & baby Eliana
Miss Independent working on Book Club

Ladies Night! (First overnight on my own while Brett was off at Uncle Jake's Bachelor Party some of the besties came to keep Lillian, Lucy & I company)

For those of you that haven't heard - My boss & I had our babies on the same day, in the same room (not at the same time :) ) but yes, still weird! Here's the four of us on a little out of office 2:2 (Elizabeth & Baby Sophie)
At last we are back in the man cave post-baby for party time after Brooke's Bridal Shower
With our low ceilings sometimes man cave party time can require helmets...Meeting Great-Grandma

Tummy Time!
Sweet Dreams
First Mohawk