Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Report Card Already on Fridge

Lillian Brooke got an A+ on her first report card today - and it's already hanging proudly on the fridge :)

Goal = get back to birth weight within 2 weeks of birth... Lillian is a hungry little monkey and gained an ounce in weight and a half inch in length in less than 4 days!
Just back from the doc and ready to snooze - Lily loves sucking on things but isn't ready for a pacifier just yet so she'll stick w/ fingers for now :)
Thanks for my cute cherry outfit Gigi, it's one of the favorites!!
At the doc on the table ready for check-up
Lifetime weigh in #2 - Dad changing a diaper... that fresh air seems to get things moving down there every time
Lillian was not a fan of this car ride
DB&Z swung by with Red Mill for dinner last night - yum! - pups love Lillian but wish she could get on ground and play with them - for now it's toe licks and lots of sniffs. Big sister Lucy is a little protective of Lily so far. :)


Brooke Schlameus said...

Are you KIDDING me?! Could you be any cuter Lillian?! :) Glad things are going so well!

Jeremy, Julie, Eva and Kate said...

What a cutie!! So glad to see these photos. We are SOOO HAPPY for you all:)

Our Lives In A Nutshell said...

So beautiful!! Let me know when Ella and I can stop by:)

Jaymee Sire said...

LOVE all of the adorable pics of little Lillian. I can't wait to meet her!!

Unknown said...

So fun to see pictures of Lillian. She is a beauty with amazing parents!

Unknown said...

She's beautiful!! I'm so happy for you guys! Ali, you look fantastic as well. Can't wait to see the Schlameus fam for Brooke & Jake's wedding this summer!

Erin Dahlgren said...

Good job little Lillian! Keep putting on the lbs and give your Mom and Dad a nice long nights' sleep =)
Can't wait to see her again. Sending our thoughts. xoxox